The future of telecoms was designed in Berlin

Aerial view on Alexanderplatz in Berlin

My Highlights from the Amdocs Business Partner Summit


Last week Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX) hosted their annual partner’s event in Berlin. The main theme was ‘Design the Future – Together.’  This agenda paves the way to Amdocs next APAC summit in Singapore with the  theme of ‘Building the digital society.’ What does the future hold for the telecom industry? How can Amdocs’ partners help design that digital transformation future? And of course some thoughts on the best moments of the event. Stay tuned for the things you need to know.


Are Telecoms “Too big to fail” or “Too slow to succeed”?

The rising of Autonomous cars, Analytics & Insights, block-chain, deep learning, robotics, drones and VR brought are some of the new trends that shape our lives and future, as Daphne Gottschalk presented.


Daphne Gottschalk Head of Innovation, Amdocs

Daphne Gottschalk Head of Innovation, on stage in Berlin

We are living at the age of digital revolution. We are all native digital consumers –  try to imagine the day when you needed a paper map to navigate in a different country, you can’t. We are looking for speed, faster connections, no latency and more, much more, data. Every one of us is the proud owner of at least three devices such as phone, tablet, and a laptop; we need order and efficiency to navigate between all of them, and we want it all to be unlimited and very affordable –  Therefore Telecoms are seeking for new revenue streams and innovative business models.


Nowadays, Telecom has two main priorities. The first is business growth, driving higher revenues and fighting commoditization. Second is efficiency and agility driving cost down and providing superior service. Those two priorities have just one thing in common. The only thing that connects them is Technology. Smart systems which are super efficient, agile, and impactful. A system which helps drive decisions and execute them at the speed of light.

Avishay Sharlin presented the Amdocs ‘systems which are now open & integrated, providing a holistic solution for telecom, from A2Z, supporting micro-services and available in the cloud. Through the partnership with Panorama, we also provide advanced analytical applications and a suite of data visualization tools which extend this great offering to drive higher ARPU and LTV. On top of all Amdocs is using their secret sauce – A strong & global partners ecosystem – as no vendor can deliver it all alone. As of today, Amdocs has about 120 partners, such as AWS, Microsoft, HP, and Panorama. We, the partner’s community help Telecoms prepare for the future, be built for fast decision making and be agile and quick to lead and react.


The magnificent DoxShow (David Letterman, Watch out!)

We heard so many amazing speakers and learned how Amdocs helps Telecoms face challenges in the new digital world. Shelly Nir & Ofir Daniel was reviewing the media industry and Amdocs latest offering in this field. Seems that now Amdocs is playing the mediator role (Switzerland) between the content creators and content distributors, delivering premium content, customer experience, and working with partners to provide data insights and intelligence, monetization and global distribution. It was impressive to see the massive investment they made in this field (Ronen Levkovich shared the recent acquisitions Amdocs did, so I estimate their investment in systems for Media to be around 400-500M$i) and the ability to extend this media platform with analytics to understand viewership intelligence. Stay tuned for what’s coming from Panorama in the media analytics space.


Navi, Szonja and Gary on stage in Berlin

Navi, Szonja, and Gary on stage at Amdocs Business Partner summit in Berlin

My favorite moment at the forum was the DoxShow. Hosted by the talented Amdocs’s CMO Gary Miles. Is he a proud relative of Letterman? At least the stage’ genes prove they are. – Gary interviewed a top transformation leader, a long-time Amdocs customer, Ms. Szonja Balogh from Telenor as well as few executives from Amdocs such as Sagive Greenspan and Dan Hod. Sagive & Dan rocked the stage with music and songs, while all the crowd was singing along. I was honored to be invited on stage and shared my personal view of the partnership with Amdocs, our successful journey together and how we delight customers. And let’s not forget the highlight, our selfie with the entire hall, dedicated for my little daughters & team members back home.


Moments to Remember


Eyal Felstaine CTO at Amdocs

How we learned from the mistakes we made in the future – CTO, Eyal Flastaine

One of the speakers that caught my attention was the CTO, Eyal Felstaine. Eyal was discussing the need to drive insights out of data while breaking the departmental silos in a telecom. The concept of using industry data in a secure site for model’s training and then sharing the models across companies and applications are very innovative. As we, in Panorama, see great value in driving insights from data, I think it so amazing to have such a great partner like Amdocs that is a thought leader and always looking ahead to what will come next.


Last, there were few awards like the Amdocs partners innovation award which Panorama won in the previous event, but the one that caught my attention was the award given in memory of Uri Olenik who was the head of the partner’s group and passed away a few years ago. It symbols that Amdocs is a company that treasures the past and will have a great future. Kudos to Sarit Sagiv, Eyal Adanya and all their fabulous team for such a gesture.


We are proud and honored to be part of Amdocs family and waiting to meet with you all in Singapore.


Eyal Adanya VP, Head of Amdocs Partners

Eyal Adanya on stage doing the opening speech