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Make sense of your operational and business data automatically, to drive higher ARPU, LTV and Retention.

Necto Telecom is a division of Panorama Software. We decided to take Panorama’s state-of-the-art Business Intelligence technology and mix it with our vast telecom expertise to focus on the telecommunications industry. Why? Because want to help CSPs make sense of their data. Our experience and platform are the perfect way to analyze your OSS and BSS data. Telecommunications service providers heavily rely on data to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing marketplace. CSPs must analyze their customers’ needs and tailor all their business processes in the value chain to effectively meet their customers’ unique requirements and increasing demands. We want to help CSPs cope with their business challenges, giving them the ability to turn large volumes of data into actionable business insights.

Amdocs Best Innovation Partner

Amdocs awarded us as their Best Innovation Partner. The award is an honor, as it represents our innovation from product, technology and service perspectives, and our deep engagement and commitment.

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